Facility management myths which can get you in trouble

There are so many things that we hear every day and it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate amongst what is right and what isn’t. Facility management has been around since quite a while and maybe this is the reason that there are so many myths surrounding this small management services which most people tend to believe is true. Let’s bust them today and see what’s true and what isn’t:

  • It isn’t very important and we can still manage without it

This is nothing more than a myth which prevailed from our damaged minds thinking that it is just a luxury and that we can still manage without it, when in reality it is just as important as IT managers and Human resource manager in an office or in a company. There are so many little aspects which need to be taken under consideration in order to keep the building occupants happy and comfortable. What would happen if there isn’t clean or water at all in your office for basic mundane tasks.

  • You don’t need a facility manager because it isn’t a hard task

Do you really think that? Imagine what happens when there is no one to manage bathrooms, break rooms or even kitchens, they would stay dirty at all times and sanitation level would be zero. Why electricity isn’t running or why is the bulb broken, who will fix it? The chair near your desk and the desk underneath your laptop are they both in working condition? This is just the minor and very basic tasks that facility management services in Dubai provide you with; their duties are extensively long to be maintained well enough. Think again, do you really not need a facility manager because above mentioned tasks are not that difficult?

  • Facility managers don’t own any degree or qualification

Yes it is true that they don’t own any qualification but they do hold extensive knowledge about the tasks which they undertake. Some start off as engineers and slowly move their way up to senior level jobs. While some of them attend technical colleges for a better understanding of the job and what would be expected from them. The knowledge which they possess may not have a degree but is definitely worth one. Visit for more details.