This world is a strange place. More often than usual, the most horrible stories are hiding behind the marvelous facades. Same is the case of Abu Dhabi, the hustling and bustling capital of UAE. The booming economy of Abu Dhabi doesn’t just attract engineers, doctors, and working professionals from all over the world; it also invites thousands of blue-collar workers. Hundreds of legal and illegal immigrants enter Abu Dhabi every year in search of a new life and job opportunities.

The Slave culture of Abu Dhabi:

The native people of Abu Dhabi are blessed with natural oil and money from booming tourism. Life never stops in the busy cosmopolitan of UAE. The native people are accustomed to comfortable and high-end lifestyles. There is a race to maintain the class and appear equal to your rich neighbors. This competition gave rise to the hiring of domestic maids. People, who escaped illegally from their poverty-stricken countries, enter Abu Dhabi with no passport and no legal rights. These people are an easy target for domestic slaving companies and immoral employers who exploit them. Such practices are so prevalent in the society that they have become a norm.

Human Rights Violations:

Many domestic staff corporations are doing human trafficking under the guise of deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.  Here are a few reasons why the people trapped in this slave cycle are rendered helpless:

  • They come from poor and unsupportive backgrounds.
  • They do not have an education or other skills for better job opportunities.
  • They are unable to communicate in the native language.
  • They are often illegal immigrants.
  • They do not know the legal system of the UAE.
  • They are afraid of going to the police for help for fear of deportation.

What can you do?

Don’t be ignorant and raise your voice. According to a survey, 45% of housemaids in Abu Dhabi are facing grave human rights violations like physical and emotional abuse by their employers. As a responsible citizen and as a human being, it is your responsibility to report any unpleasant incidents to authorities. The news of domestic slave culture has made international headlines and harms the global image of Abu Dhabi. There are many programs and national labor unions introduced in the capital to address this issue.

Creating job opportunities for people is always a great idea. However, earning a living should not come at the cost of the violation of your human rights.