There are several factors incorporated in residential interior design that blends together to create a synchronized and harmonious outcome. A mesmerizing residential interior design include minor features such as floor coverings, lighting and window treatments as well as major features like furniture and wall decor. A perfect interior design has all these factors complementing each other and any one of them that does not mesh well with the others can outrun the whole interior.

The principles for both residential and commercial interior design are same; however, the purpose is completely different for each type. While commercial interiors are more concentrated on functionality, residential interior designs focus more on livability.

Walls are the large scale feature that plays a vital part in supporting the overall interior of a house. Wall coverings with texture, color and visual aspects are important. Painting the walls with lighter colors tend to reflect light while darker colors absorb it. Light walls are suitable for a small room, use darker colors for furnishing and decor.

Take scale and proportion into consideration while choosing the furniture for your home and display your creativity with perfect finish and quality coverings, allowing each room to achieve a cordial balance.

Sparkling and alluring accessories add to the aesthetics of a room. Choose carefully to ensure each accessory fits in the overall decor depicting your personality traits at the same time.

Lighting also plays a major role in any area making it dark or bright, so take some time to decide which type of lighting would be compatible with a particular room or area. Visit for more details.

Window treatments should match your furnishing; perk up with fabrics, textures and styles to create a distinctive look. By synchronizing colors and finishes throughout a room, you not only adhere to interior design essentials but also allow the room to fulfill its purpose alongside providing a pleasing and cozy feel.

Sticking to basic interior design concepts is important no matter if it’s a commercial or residential project. Hiring professional interior designers will surely make things easier but if you wish to do the honors yourself, this article might have given you some distinctive tips.

Home décor and interior design is a reflection of the personalities of the people living in; hence, each and every aspect matters when designing it either yourself or by hiring a professional. You will find a number of distinctive designers if you are looking for residential interior design in Abu Dhabi.