More than a quarter of couples are indebted for their marriages in the US survey. Each of them you don’t have to be!

Your marriage is about love and friendship, and it is not perfect to start your life together in the red. The more money you spend on the wedding, the more happily you will be able to launch.

You cannot keep your weddings on a huge budget, but without plunging into your savings or maxing out your credit cards you can always throw a fun and unforgettable reception in an inexpensive wedding venue. Please learn about cheap planning techniques and tips to help you get started as a squad.

Know where the money comes from for your wedding

At this stage too, please set limits. This doesn’t mean you should add countless names to your soon-to-be F.I.L. guest list, because your low-cost target will easily be compromised.

Make a marriage affordable and make your goals clear!

You told each other ‘yeah.’ Now is the time to indulge in an affordable marriage. Set aside some time to dream about what money you’ll need later on. This is a necessary discussion; it encourages you to focus and appreciate what is really important to each one of you.

Allow the guest list smaller in scale

For so many reasons, a smaller guest list means a less expensive wedding. A smaller place is booked (about half the cost of the average wedding). Food, alcohol, food, tables and table sets, linen and invites are often lowered.

Head to the dressing shop or suit

Wedding costumes and suits or tuxes are also a major thing on the expense of wedding. But they are yet to be. But they must not be. Wonderful antique wedding outfits and tuxes or suits can be sold in thrift shops. Make it a day to see what is open to you.

Over Saturdays miss

Usually Fridays and Sundays are cheaper for your marriage. Place, catering and salesmen are typically less costly so many prefer a wedding on a Saturday.

Take a wedding half a weekThis is not the norm, but on a Tuesday or Wednesday there is no law against a wedding or reception. And these replacements are much cheaper than Fridays and Sundays. You should pick a Thursday, and all of your visitors can have a 3-day break to go boot on Friday.Click for more info about affordable wedding shop in Dubai for your big day!