While hiring professional services to do your work, you always wish to work with the best. Many accounting and auditing firms in Dubai are providing exceptional auditing services. They are fast, easy to use, and importantly practical in their line of work. To stay on the safe side of the VAT law, one needs to get the best bookkeeping firms in Dubai to help with filing the returns. Today, we shall look at what to consider when hiring a Tax consultant Dubai.

Licensed or not

If you are looking for a TRC in Dubai to issue a TRC certificate and exchange your confidential information to the services providers. Then you should know the legitimacy of the company you are working with. Because it is illegal in Dubai to work with unlicensed companies or firms. Ask the head of the company to provide some validation before you get all excited to hear a low price.

How well-Known is the company?

The companies name is vital than you think companies are known for their quality of work. If they are good at what they do, their reputation will precede them, and you will hear good remarks from your friends, relatives, or maybe some professional client. However, being well-known does not give you the license to trust them blindly. Never priorities your hired company over your own business.

Are they professional?

It will be tricky to know if a company is professional or not. Because nearly every consultant company shows the same content of quality as before them. You cannot change the math. However, the questions to ask are:

Will you prioritize my work if some big companies got an emergency? What will happen to my deadline if your big business clients found themselves in trouble? Do they have respect for your business? Will they be trusted with credentials?

Note: A single mistake from the Tax consultancy can cause you a fortune. So, make sure to question everything.


You should hire a company that is both experienced and professional. Never let any beginner company do your accounts. Because this work is very delicate and requires experience to handle.

How much they charge

You are already spending your fair share of profit on Taxes, so why should you give another chunk to the consultants. Make sure to discuss the price rate before hiring a company. However, reputable firms may charge more compare to unpopular firms. You can check the online portfolio of the company, who knows by clicking here and there on the internet you may find the best startup package you were looking for.