Vape has become quite fashionable in pop culture. People do not mind going to vape stores with their families. Vape is not a beneficial or useful substance per se but due to its small margins of dangerous substances, it has been able to pass under the legal radar for so many years. It is not that people have not tried to get rid of the vape culture; it is just that most young people could not help but mimic others to feel relaxed or make a style statement. It is relatively easy to buy vape in Abu Dhabi these days, you can walk into one of the fancy vape stores, or you can scroll a few websites online and order it from there. Many coffee shops and tea stalls do not mind introducing a little vape station in their balconies to attract the young and hip crowd.  The real question that is haunting the businessmen of today is that is it enough to warn people but continue to serve them a commodity that is harmful to their health?

Are you Asking Questions?

One way to rebel in the society is to rebel against the corporate influences who do not mind serving the people commodities that is notably injurious to their well-being. Do you want to go to a shop and buy snake poison? Of course, hardly any reasonable person would like to do such a thing. But what if that poison was packaged beautifully and came in diluted and filtered packages. Would you consider investing in a pack then? Your answer would be in negative every time.

No matter how small the dosage of snake poison, you know that it is going to hurt your health sooner or later. Is the habit of nicotine-induced vapes any different from that? You have to ask questions and be more severe about the trends that we are setting in society. It is not possible to control others, but the change starts with one person. Your most significant success lies in making the right choice by refraining from such a harmful habit yourself and maybe others who may get inspired by your example.


The culture of the vape shop in Dubai is not yet cemented and taken deep roots. It is time to ask ourselves and our youth the right questions and help them nip this evil in the bud. The best place to change is always oneself.