There are different kinds of immigrations and you will get to know about them when you start thinking about this option and gather information related to that. there are many ways to get the information like you can go to the internet and search generally about immigration or you can go the specific websites created by different countries and see what they demand and require from a  person who wants to get the immigration permission. You can also go to the Canada immigration consultant in Dubai. They will provide you entire information along with some brochure which you need to read and you will understand what they ate saying to you. There are many Australia immigration consultants in Dubai that you can hire and get their assistance but you need to make sure that this assistance will not be without any money and you have to pay something in return. Now we will talk about the type of immigrations which are available, so see here below:

Citizenship: You will get eth citizenship which is getting the nationality of a country and then enjoying everything that the people who born there are enjoying. You can have your own property and you can go to anywhere where telling the police about it or without showing your identity proof to everyone there.

Permanent residency: There are many people who are not happy in their own country and they want to move to another one where they can enjoy their life fully and get all the facilities of life so these people will go to the permanent residency and once they will get that, they can live there easily with a purpose of job or business. After certain years of living as the permanent residents people can go to apply for the citizenship and if they complete the criteria then they will get it.

Temporary residents: These are the people who go to any other country for a certain time period and they cannot live there more than that time period. If they want to extend that time then they have to go back to their country and apply the visa again. People in this category mostly apply to get a job, get a degree and to get some health assistance from that country. They have to complete all the requirements to get permission.