In the previous times cash registers were used for payment procedures and it was quite difficult to maintain those records and recall them instantly. Then the technology took its place and invented a POS system which stand for Point Of Sale system. It made the entire process of billing quite feasible as well as less time consuming. The organization can easily feed all the details regarding products, their prices, availability, discounts in short everything in that system. This makes it quite convenient for the employee as he just have to scan the bar code of the product and every detail will be popped up on his screen.

POS in Dubai is very common because it is very essential to avoid any mistake or inconvenience while dealing the customers. It satisfies them as well by providing a detailed version of receipt to avoid any query regarding their payment issues. There are several retail POS solutions available from which you can choose the best suitable one for your setup as different places will demand a specific type of POS system. In this article we will discuss about the reasons that why we need a POS software for our billing process.


The first main reason of using POS software for receiving payments is that it is accurate. There are no chances of calculation mistakes especially in discounting the prices as far as you have managed and fed the inventory appropriately. It will accurately scan the bar code, facilitate card payments and will even tell you about the change which has to be given back to the customer so that you would not have to waste time in calculating it. This manual calculations are also responsible for cash return mistakes which would surely disappoint your customers so it is quite essential to install an accurate software like POS in your store.

Time saving

Billing process is involved in almost every organization whether it is a clothing outlet, supermarket, pharmacy or whatsoever. You can not let you customers wait in a long queue for a very long time in fact in such type of situation mostly customers will prefer to leave the good and go to another outlet as they don’t have enough time to waste on a single product. To avoid this situation you should install the most advanced POS software in your store so that the billing would be done quickly.