Scissor Lift Table - 4 Features To Know

Before purchasing a scissor lift table 1000kg, you should know some important factors. These factors include safety considerations, ATEX, Stainless steel, and rotating hydraulics. Knowing these factors will make it easier to purchase a scissor lift table. Read on to know some great features of scissor lift tables!

It is designed to work in hazardous areas safely:

An ATEX scissor lift table is designed to safely work in hazardous areas, including those with explosive dust or gases. These lift tables are classified by zone based on their saturation of gas and dust in the working environment. Sax Lift provides solutions for zone 2 to 22 lift tables that are ATEX rated. ATEX scissor lift tables come with extensive documentation packages.

Easy to load:

An easy-to-load scissor lift table in the warehouse can make lowering and loading heavy objects much easier. These tables are often combined with manual pallet trucks and stackers, which all have varying vertical reach. However, a lift table installed in a pit is easy to load, allowing you to load easily and unload any equipment without any difficulty. There are many ways to make loading a scissor lift table easier.

Easy to offload:

If you are a busy worker, the ease with which you can offload a scissor lift table is important. Scissor lift tables are typically designed to load over their short sides and are often reinforced for offloading. It would help if you used a ramp for loading, as the long side can cause sideways forces on the scissor frame. Lift tables usually feature a casters frame with two swivel casters and brakes. Polyethene wheels can make the table easy to move and offload if the table is heavy.

Easy to stack:

An easy-to-stack scissor lift table is an excellent investment in any business that needs to stack loads of different sizes. These lifts are designed to position loads ergonomically where workers can reach them safely. They help companies increase throughput by facilitating the loading of large objects onto trucks. The lift tables also have many other uses. They can be used to load objects onto trucks or stack them up for storage. Choosing the right model for your needs can be tricky, but knowing what you need will make the process much easier.