A huge difference can be observed in the lifestyle of people in countries with more and better facilities. People are more healthy, happy, and satisfied with their life in these countries, governments are more caring. From the electricity to the supply of clean drinking water, and facility of schooling and hospital are being provided by the state authorities. Comparatively, while having a look at the living conditions of the developing countries, the situation is not much appealing and attractive, people are going through a very rough and tidy routine. Most of the people in these countries are unable to make the daily income to survive that is the reason living conditions are very poor. Governments in these countries failed to deliver the basic facilities to their masses, there are multiple reasons for this. Corruption in these countries is considered as one of the biggest plaque in society.

Other reasons include the miss-management and incompetence, due to lack of technical educations, most of these countries have to rely on the other developed countries. The result of all this situation is the brain-drain or simply migration. Most of the people living in these countries are in continuous efforts to flee from their homeland to a new one. They are willing to take this daring step to try their luck in some developed county. In the past few years, there has been an increasing trend of migrating to the US from these countries. It is pertinent here to mention that only people with legal visas can be successful otherwise going on the fake or invalid visa is complete absurdity. To facilitate the people for the formalities, many agents are there to help. One may find the authentic eb5 consultant in his home country.

There are a lot of people who are providing their services for the preparation and filing of the documents of the case. Before selecting people must go through the history of these agents, so that they may hire the best eb5 immigration lawyers. Some of these agents are inexperienced and do not know about the technicalities of the process, which may cause severe damage to the case of an individual, so a person must be very conscious while picking his agent. Almost all these agents have online websites where they have mentioned services provided by them. Some of these do provide the contact of the successful clients who have been granted the visa by the embassy.