Every office needs a design or you can say a layout. There was a time when people used to open any kind of offices and employees did not have any problem as well. but now the offices are now getting more employee friendly.

Meaning to say that people back then did not have much stress about work because they did not have much needs as well but now people want the most cell phones and the most expensive cars.

Somehow people back then did not want much expensive thing or we can say that back then there were no expensive things. Some say that it is the competition that is making people work more and some say that it is greed that is making people work more.

Either of the case, people did not have any problem working in an office or people did not bother visiting an office that was not good looking because it did not matter. But the looks and the design matters a lot.

Some offices and spaces are hard to design because some spaces and offices need people to make them operational. And such businesses are the hotels, restaurants, shops for cake delivery in Sharjah etc.

If you are in UAE and you are interested in opening a business then we suggest that you open a shop of birthday cake delivery in Sharjah or in any city for that matter. You must be wondering that why we suggested this business only, well, that is because it was the only operational business during the corona virus pandemic lock down that did not stop. And if you know the tips about the design then you have to keep reading below and mix your own ideas as well;

  • House like design: cafes and bakery shops are given the shape of house and it seems that one has entered their grandmas home and waiting to get served the best treats.
  • Circular design: here it means that you have added round smaller tables in different parts of the shop and there is a table for two and a table for three and so on.
  • Customized: You can allow the customers to adjust two or more tables if they have arrived in the shop with the bunch of friends and put different types of chairs.