We all need a good mattress in our lives because good sleep is essential for a human body to function properly that why always choose your mattress wisely. When you enter the mattress store, there are so many options to choose from and it is so overwhelming that people end up just buying a mattress which does not suit them. Moreover, the salesperson shows you so many mattresses that it becomes hard to settle on one.

Here are the top best mattresses for you to purchase and choose whichever one suits your needs the best.

Memory Foam:
Memory forms are known for conforming to the shape of your body. A type of mattress that contours to your pressure point are ideal for most people. If you end up purchasing a too hard memory from bed or too soft then you may end up with back issues.

Latex Foam:
Just like memory foam mattresses, latex conforms to your body shape as well. Some people are said to be allergic to original latex which is why most latex mattresses use a composition that extracts the natural latex proteins. Someone who prefers springy coil mattresses but does not want as much motion involved will find the latex ones perfect.

Air Beds:
These can alter the pressure from one side of the bed to the other. There is a drawback to this type of mattress because there is a firm divider down the middle. Unlike latex and memory foam mattresses these mattresses do not conform to the shape of your body. Manufacturers have started developing air beds which have multiple chambers within them so you can easily customize the zones.

Water Beds:
Water beds are completely the opposites of air beds. These are soft and comfortable and can also conform to the shape of your body. These are comfortable but essentially don’t provide the back support your body requires. The downfall to these types of mattresses is that they are extremely heavy and take up a lot of time and energy in refilling or in moving or emptying them.

People who live in Dubai can find the best mattress in Dubai shops and even the best memory foam mattress topper that too at reasonable prices. A mattress is really important for a good sleep and a good sleep is important for your body so do not end up buying any mattress without exploring your options.